About Us

Almisbah.pk is a Quran teaching academy where you can learn Quran online. It is a great opportunity for all Muslims to gain inspiration and knowledge from our online learning services. Almisbah academy is currently offering a great chance to influence the hearts of readers and listeners, as Holy Quran is a framework presented by Allah Almighty.
Our mission is to make people eligible to read Quran properly. For this purpose we have initiated grand idea of Almisbah Quran Academy. Our goal is to bring Muslims near to Quran and Islam. The highly experienced tutors of our online academy, truly know the holy duty of offering Quran education. They all perform their duties with dedication and commitment.
Through this fountain head of entire learning, you have opportunity to save the future of your kids. Invest in your kids’ future, because the better investment is best knowledge not only for this world but also the world here after.

Working standards
Quran means recital or recitation. We provide you an opportunity to learn Quran with Tajveed and Tafseer. We do not believe in compromise when it comes to quality lessons and teaching. To guarantee this successful working standard, we have selected the best tutors to provide you with their dedicated services.
Our Quran Tutors are
• Hafiz-e-Quran.
• Well aware with the rules of Recitation.
• Have in-depth knowledge of Tajweed, Tarteel and Tafseer.
• Trained from educational organizations.
• Have excellent command on English and Urdu languages to deliver lectures.
• Highly motivated and understand the complexities faced in this profession.
• Believe in student-centered teaching.

With You
This program is exclusively for you if:
• You want your child to excel in this life and hereafter.
• You can’t drive kids to the mosque.
• You are looking for quality Quran recitation.
• You are living in a non-Muslim state.
• You can’t find an Expert Quran Tutor at home.
• You want to learn the Quran from Arabic Alphabets.
• You want to do memorize the Holy Quran online.
• You can read the Quran but are not aware of Tajweed rules.

With your budget
We are proud that since our start we have not accepted any single dollar donation from any organization or person. We are running institution on a small monthly fee that we receive from students.
• Lowest possible fee
• 3-Days free trial
• No Registration /Admission Fee

For your convenience
• Accessible 24 hours 7 days a week/ We teach 18 hours a day
• In most cases we can provide time of your own choice
• Increases student interaction through one-to-one live online Quran classes
• Top quality software makes lessons very interactive and effective
• Home based learning
• Time saving