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“The best amongst you are those who learn and teach Quran”

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About Us

Almisbah Academy is the leading Online Teaching institute in industry. Visit About Us page to learn more.

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We like to think of our Academy as big Family.

Our instructors are truly committed to our students and each instructor has a passion for teaching. We strive to understand the specific needs of each student so that we are able to serve them in a best possible way.

One-to-One Classes

Almisbah Quran Academy comprises of a single Quran teacher giving Quran lessons to a single student thus ensuring devoted attention for better Quran learning. In One-to-One Quran classes system every family member get his proper time for study with Quran teacher.

Multilingual Teachers

Almisbah Quran Academy has professional teachers who can communicate in Arabic, English and Urdu fluently, making sure that the communication and learning is effective. effectively when taking Quran classes

24/7 Flexible Schedule

Almisbah Academy offers one of the most effective online Quran teaching websites, through its interactive digital environment. You & your family can Read and Memorize Quran from the comfort of your home. QuranTutors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Female Tutors

At Almisbah Quran Academy we have experienced Female Quran Tutors at our academy for sisters who are comfortable with learning from females only

Our Mission

It is our aim to give the best Islamic and Quranic education to the students and we understand our responsibility. Due to our commitment to our work, the demand for our teaching services is increasing day by day. We have made an outstanding online learning portal for those who are unable to reach and learn the Quran from qualified Quran teachers.

Our aim is to be the best among other Quran learning centers. We work not only with the ambition to teach Quran to students all over the world but also to spread the message of Allah in the world.



No absences without valid reason in 6 months. Late on fewer than 3 occasions in 6 months. Intellectually versatile. When a topic is unfamiliar or new concepts are put forward, instructors at Almisbah listens, learns and adjusts quickly, and is soon making a full and useful contribution to the conversation.

Dr Ismail Ashraf

Always succeeds in explaining clearly. Others find Almisbah’s teachers easy to understand. They also has the ability to listen carefully to what others are saying, to understand and then to respond appropriately. Conversations with Almisbah’s teachers are two-way. Able to concentrate and stay focused for periods of several hours,and doesn’t make mistakes. Almisbah’s teachers has a high boredom threshold. May Allah Help them in this Holy reason.(AMEEN)

Umair Shah Gilani